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Rukasu Photography offers a wide variety of Photography Services including :


Creative Wedding Photography
You are bored with the regular group shots with friends and relatives. Here is a chance that will help you capture all those candid events of your wedding. Something to talk about for the years to come and cherish those memories. We help you give a different perspective to your special event to share those moments with family and friends.


Pre Wedding Photography

Capture the first memories of a beautiful new journey, when the to-be husband and wife declare their commitment to each other. Be it the first smile the couple share or the stealing of glances between them, your photographs will serve as cherished memories for years to come.


Candid Photo

Photos shot through the candid approach are probably most realistic form of photography, when the people being shot are at their natural best - irrespective of their emotional state. Add a hint of lighting without making the subjects aware, and you'll have photographs that tell more than thousand words in honest details. This style mirrors real emotions, and with a touch of artistic improvisation, we can make it a memorabilia to be cherished for a lifetime of joy.


Corporate Events & Parties

Our photographers will creatively and thoroughly document your holiday party, company event or other special occasion.


Birthday Photography

Your child’s birthday is one of the important event for the family, where all of you celebrate the joy of being together and witnessing the child reaches a new milestone in life. As a parent, you want to celebrate this special day with your friends and relatives, engaging the best baker and entertainer in town to make it memorable for everyone. We understand this and our dedicated professional kids party photographer will help you to archive this episode into beautiful photographs that will serves as beautiful memories for everyone down the years.


Graduation Photography

We offer a professional photography service at the majority of graduation ceremonies. Our photographers can take an individual portrait of you as well as photographs with family members and friends. When you order your academic dress with us, you will also be offered available photography options for your ceremony as a part of your order.


Photo Booth Service

Wedding guests come in all shapes and sizes, and there is one thing in a wedding party that can fit them all - a photo booth! What better way to capture a crowd's mood than to add a fun corner where they can take turns to create memories and get instant prints?


Product Photography
Looking for stunning pictures of your products to market them more effectively. We can provide you the best looking photographs with our creative talentcombined with the state-of-the-art photography equipment.


360 degree views
Provide a virtual walkthrough experience for your customers from wherever they are in the world. Be it a real estate property or a resort or interiors an apartment. Toehold can help you build 360 x 360 degree virtual walkthroughs through the photographs that can easily be embedded into a web site or a burn it on a CD.


Wildlife Photography
We bring to you our decades of experience in wildlife photography. If you are a corporate looking to outsource wildlife photography assignments such as documentaries, pictures of a particular species, toehold with its team of wildlife expertise can deliver it to you. For information and pricing about the different types of Photography Packages offered by Rukasu Photography, please click the links below. If you have any questions or wish to discuss a customized photography package, please contact us directly at

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